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Achieving our goals together

Our company culture is what makes the difference.

What makes ETS stand out from the rest is the company's business culture, forged from its roots as a small-to-medium-sized enterprise, in addition to its high flexibility and innovative solutions.

Our employees identify with the business strongly, which is the ultimate source of our strong company culture. We offer our staff a wide range of opportunities to develop as well as a personal and open working environment with flat hierarchies and short decision-making chains. They also benefit from attractive programs for training and development.

Our customers in mind – at every stage of the project:

Taking this as our mission statement, we work as a team to find the very best solutions. This relies on our highly motivated and professionally trained employees who act independently and with a high level of expertise. During the planning and construction stages, we constantly work with the customer to find ways of making project management more efficient and to achieve our goals more quickly. We also have high expectations regarding documentation of all records that are prepared and required during the project.