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Safety technology

Safety concepts for every requirement

Safety concepts for every requirement

The constant monitoring of relevant safety areas and components in connection with active monitoring gives you the ability to quickly intervene in case of faults.

ETS builds systems for access control as well as for premises and process monitoring.

Intelligent premises monitoring:

  • Camera systems and video sensors
  • Access/security gate communication and management, including connection to the security control center
  • Complete solutions for the control and monitoring of individual doors – all the way up to complex systems for groups of buildings
  • Systems from suppliers such as Siemens, Dorma and Häfele, Honeywell, and Simons & Vos
  • Johnson Controls Systems (US Army)

Fire and burglar alarm systems

Detect fires early and sound the alarm before people are put in danger and property is damaged. Fire alarm systems localize the fire, alert anyone that might be in danger, and mobilize the appropriate emergency services.

Safety systems designed, installed, and programmed professionally by ETS can protect you and your property in the event of an emergency.

For your safety:

  • Fire alarm systems (Esser, Siemens, and Hekatron)
  • Alarm systems in line with VDE 0833
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Risk management systems
  • Preparation of deployment schedules for fire departments or other services
  • Advice on regulations and standards according to VDE 0800 and 0833, VdS 2095, and DIN 14675