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Test Bench Technology

Design, construction, and test operations

Development and test operations. We are specialized in climatic chambers and environmental simulation – for all your simulation needs.

New technologies must work reliably and efficiently when they are introduced onto the market – machines, systems, vehicles, individual parts, and mechanical and electronic components. In order to meet technical and legal requirements economically and efficiently in all areas, special simulation models and series of tests are necessary before they are ready for the market – from initial tests to final approval. Optimum product lifecycles as well as official requirements for approvals set high demands for test bench technology.

ETS offers customized solutions that are ideally user-friendly and are cost-effective and energy efficient. Our engineers have many years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of test benches and environmental simulation systems across a range of industries. ETS is particularly specialized in special systems for the automotive industry. For example, in the fields of vehicle air-conditioning and engine cooling, numerous test benches have been implemented to develop and test thermal management.

Benefit from innovative special systems and more rapid readiness for the market:

  • Concept development and engineering
  • Development of customized chamber and test bench systems for research & development and production (end-of-line / in-line)
  • Process development for energy and heat engineering, flow engineering and air-conditioning, smoke extraction and fire protection systems
  • Simulation and laboratory model testing
  • Test operations and assistance for certification